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Our Company

NSi Business Solutions has identified that there is a need for systems and software for Dynamic Decision-Making in business. In the field of Sales and Marketing there are several problems there is a need to get a holistic view to situations and issues such as

● Avoiding commoditization of product offerings
● Overcoming Price Pressure from Competition
● Identify the reasons for the success or failure products in the market place
● Identify the key drivers to develop an effective differentiation and value proposition for
   customers, partners & channels
● Develop strategy to enter new and emerging markets
● Develop the criteria for identifying & developing new products and services

Through our Field Studies, Research and Diagnostic Work, we identified that there is tacit knowledge in the field in the form of soft and anecdotal that is not effectively captured, analyzed and used in the decision making process.

The experience, knowledge and expertise of the people in the field is typically overlooked and not considered in a structured framework while making both tactical and strategic decisions.

In the existing IT framework, it is too difficult and costly to bring this information into the decision mix along with the data reports and transactional Information that is easily accessible in the established business systems. There is no system and process to bring it all together today.

To solve the problem, we have developed unique Discovery & Analytical Techniques which enable us to uncover the hidden and often overlooked nuggets of information residing in the sales and marketing community.

NSi Business Solutions' proprietary software platform Trek provides a structured and scalable discovery framework that enables users to obtain a total global view of a situation and analyze the unstructured information for effective decision making.

Our solutions are enabled through pioneering technology innovation in knowledge management comprising of text and data analytics and provide a new way for businesses to leverage their Information Assets to create New Opportunities and to achieve and sustain competitive advantage.